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Plant type

Perennial herb


3 - 4 ft Tall
4 ft Wide


Upright, Mounding

Growth rate



Summer Deciduous, Summer Semi-deciduous, Winter Deciduous


Yellow, White

Flowering season


Common uses

Deer resistant

Pearly Everlasting (Anaphalis margaritacea) is a native perennial herb in the Asteraceae (Sunflower) family that grows primarily in northern and central California. It is fast growing and short-lived. It grows in an upright form, with active growth during the spring and summer.

Flowers are yellow and striking, blooming in early summer. Leaves are medium green and deciduous. Pearly Everlasting tends to grow in disturbed or recently burned places, at elevations from 0 to 8500 feet. This species is not to be confused with those plants in the genus Pseudognaphalium that are similar in appearance and also known as Everlasting.


Partial Shade, Full Sun


Low, Moderate

Summer irrigation

Max 2x / month once established

Ease of care


Cold tolerance

Tolerates cold to -5° F

Soil drainage


Soil description

Tolerates sandy or clay soils.
Soil PH: 5.2 - 6.6


For propagating by seed: No treatment. (Emery and Frey 1971).

Sunset Zones

1, 2, 3, 4*, 5*, 6*, 7*, 8, 9*, 10, 11, 14*, 15*, 16*, 17*, 18*, 19*, 20*, 21*, 22*, 23*, 24*

This plant will work with many forest, woodland and chaparral plants, especially those of the Sierra and the Coast Ranges.


Butterflies and moths supported

7 confirmed and 5 likely

Confirmed Likely

Clepsis fucana

Cremastobombycia grindeliella

Everlasting Bud Moth

Eublemma minima

Hellinsia phoebus

Site type

Disturbed places

Plant communities

Chaparral, Foothill Woodland, Lodgepole Forest, Red Fir Forest, Subalpine Forest, Valley Grassland, Yellow Pine Forest,