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Plant type

Perennial herb


2 ft Tall

Hibiscus denudatus (common names: Paleface, Rock Hibiscus) is a perennial shrub of the mallow family, Malvaceae. It is in the rosemallow genus, Hibiscus. It is found in the southwest of North America in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico in the states of extreme southeast California, southern Nevada, southern Arizona and New Mexico, southwest Texas, Baja California-north, Sonora, Chihuahua, and Coahuila. It can be found in the Colorado and Sonoran Deserts, and in the east to the Chihuahuan Desert.


Full Sun


Butterflies and moths supported

2 confirmed and 5 likely

Confirmed Likely

Subterranean Dart|Granulate Cutworm

Feltia subterranea

Corn Earworm Moth

Helicoverpa zea

Northern White-Skipper

Heliopetes ericetorum

Loxostege albiceralis

Site type

Desert of mesas, canyons

Plant communities

Creosote Bush Scrub,