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Annual herb, Perennial herb


1 - 2 ft Tall

Palafoxia arida var. gigantea, (also =Palafoxia linearis) is a species of flowering plant from the sunflower family (Asteraceae), genus Palafoxia. It is found in the western and northwestern Sonoran Desert of Arizona and northwestern Mexico, states of Sonora and Baja California, and the southern Colorado Desert of southeastern California. The erect, slender stem grows 30-60 cm tall, branching in the lower half and is sparsely leaved. It is glandular and hairy on the upper parts. It has 2-5 inch slender leaves, looking similar to the graphic of Small Palafox, P. callosa pictured here: Palafoxia, of stem, leaves, and flowers.


Butterflies and moths supported

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Bordered Patch|Sunflower Patch

Chlosyne lacinia

Spanish Needles Flower Moth

Schinia niveicosta

Gray Hairstreak

Strymon melinus