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Tree, Shrub


10 ft Tall




Cream, Green

Common uses

Deer resistant

Quercus x alvordiana, the Alvord oak, is a hybrid oak in the genus Quercus. It has been reported to be a hybrid between Quercus douglasii and Quercus turbinella, or between Q. douglasii and Quercus john-tuckeri, which was formerly considered to be a variety of Q. turbinella. This is the most common hybrid of Q. douglasii. It is endemic to California, where it occurs in the Southern Inner California Coast Ranges and western Transverse Ranges. 'Quercus x alvordiana is a shrub or tree under 3 metres (9. 8 ft) tall which may be evergreen or deciduous. The leaves are up to 5 centimeters long, a dull blue to gray-green on top and paler green on the undersides. The leaf blades have toothed edges and some have pointed tips. The acorn is narrow in shape and up to 4 centimeters long, with a cup up to 1. 6 centimeters wide.


Butterflies and moths supported

0 confirmed and 68 likely

Confirmed Likely

Marble Dagger Moth

Acronicta marmorata

California Sister|Bredow's Sister

Adelpha californica

Acorn Moth

Blastobasis glandulella

Bondia comonana